HeartCloud's team includes practicing medical doctors who understand the promises and challenges of digital health data shared by patients.

An Incomplete Picture

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Your doctor bases many decisions largely on observations made while you're in the office. For many people, the stresses of being measured, poked, and prodded in the office may skew the readings, giving elevated blood pressure or heart rate readings.

But best picture of your health is outside your doctor's office in your everyday life. Day-to-day trends, week-to-week-trends, month-to-month trends.

By giving your doctors data on what happens during the majority of your time, rather than mere glimpses from measurements in the office, they can get a better understanding of your health. Many doctors find this additional information to be helpful in providing you with the best care.

Little Time

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A typical in-person appointment lasts between 15-25 minutes. This gives your doctor little time to sort through a lot of information on your iPhone's Health app or other digital health apps.


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How is this medication I prescribed working out?

If your doctor could see an accurate, day-to-day view of your health data, they could better determine if a medication is working for you.


Only licensed physicians may take certain actions with your digital health data

Licensed Physicians Non-Physicians
Formally trained in the biomedical sciences and particularly in interpreting readings from devices that measure heart rate, glucose, blood pressure, blood oxygen, temperature, respiratory rate, and other aspects of your physiology Most individuals lack formal medical training and a license to practice medicine
Legally allowed to prescribe medication Cannot prescribe medication based on digital health device readings by themselves

Our Solution

We think that more can be done to drive better outcomes by fully using digital health data. Our team of practicing medical doctors, software developers, and information security experts created a platform to let you visualize trends in your health, activity, and workout data over time and share it with your physicians easily and securely.


Share From HeartCloud

Simple. Secure. Convenient. What you upload to HeartCloud, you can share with your doctor.

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With Doctor(s)

You can share data with more than one health practice. A primary care physician and a cardiologist, for example.

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You're In Control

It's your data. HeartCloud allows you to revoke data sharing at any time, for any reason.



HeartCloud data sharing means your data can be seen, live, during virtual visits with your doctor

Question Answer
How Does it Work? There are three HeartCloud applications: (1) (which you're using right now) (2) HeartCloud for Health Practices, which is designed for medical doctors, and (3) HeartCloud Sync for iOS (download from the App Store). You can, at anytime, choose to share any data that you have uploaded to HeartCloud with one or more doctors, each of whom would then access your data through their HeartCloud for Health Practices accounts. These doctors don't even need to work for the same hospital. One could be your hometown family physician that you usually see, while while another could be a specialist in cardiology at a major hospital in another city who is providing expert specialized care.
Do I Have To Share My Data? Absolutely Not. It is important to note that none of your data in HeartCloud is shared with anyone by default. The only way in which anybody besides you can see your information is if you decide to share it.
How Do I Share My Data? Once you sign up for a HeartCloud account, you will see an item in the sidebar menu named "Data Sharing". From there, you can select a provider that uses HeartCloud for Health Practices and, with a single click (or tap), request that they receive access to your HeartCloud data. Both you and the practice exchange a unique, one-time use code to confirm the identity of the other, for your protection. Then, after this process is completed, you can impose restrictions on what types of health data you share or you can share everything. These restrictions are always and exclusively available to you alone, and not the practice with which you have chosen to share your data.
Can I Stop or Change Any Data Sharing Arrangement? Yes. At any time, you can stop sharing your data with a Health Practice or you can add restrictions on any of the data types (health, workout, or daily activity) available in HeartCloud. You can change your mind at any time, and either update what types of data are shared or revoke access altogether (e.g., when you stop seeing a particular doctor).