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Device Setup Help

Please let HeartCloud's customer support team know if we can assist with any of the following:

  • How to accurately take your blood pressure
  • How to set up your 4G cellular blood pressure device
  • How to set up your 4G cellular weight scale
  • How to view your digital health readings
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Frequently Asked Questions


You should aim to use the device at least once a day. However, you can take as many readings a day as you would like, or as many as your provider recommends.
Yes, you can take your device out of town. Your device should work in any location with reliable cell service.
If your blood pressure device is displaying an E1 error code, it means there is a problem with the connection between the cuff and the monitor. The cuff may not be plugged in securely enough or it may be plugged into the wrong port. The cuff port is located on the left side of the monitor and is labeled with the words "cuff port".
Yes, once you are given your device you will receive a courtesy call to answer any questions. You will then be given your personal credentials that you can use to log into the HeartCloud website or mobile app (HeartCloud Sync) to view your readings.
You can rest your password by clicking "forget password" on the login screen, which will send a reset link to your email on file. You will then have the ability to reset your password. You can have your username sent to your email by clicking "forget username." If you do not receive an email for either of these, please call Customer Support at 424-218-6622 and we can provide you with that information.
You get to hold onto the device as long as you are participating in the remote patient monitoring program and consistently taking readings. You may stay in the program for as long as your provider approves or opt out at any time.
On the back of your scale, within the battery compartment you will see a black "UNIT" button. Pressing this button changes the measurement unit on the scales display. The default measurement unit is "lb". Pressing the "UNIT" button cycles through the units pound, kilogram and stone.
The weight scale can only be used on hard surfaces (wood, tile, linoleum, etc). The scale CANNOT be used on carpet. You will not get an accurate measurement on carpet.
If you have any questions about your blood pressure readings, please contact your doctor or a registered nurse. They can help you understand your readings and make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to manage your blood pressure.
Unfortunately, you are not permitted to share your devices with anyone. Your provider is actively monitoring your readings, and we want to make sure you are the only one using your device to prevent any confusion with the interpretation of your readings.
We are the customer service for your blood pressure device and work in tandem with your doctor’s office to assist with any questions or issues that may come up. We are able to see your readings so we can better assist you and the use of your device.
You may opt out at any time. Contact your doctor’s office and let them know and/or our customer service team. After you inform them of your desire to opt out of the program you will then need to return the device to your doctor’s office.
You can do this one of two ways: either take the device back to your doctor’s office or if you are not able to make that trip, we will send you a prepaid shipping label which you can use to send the device back.You will need access to a valid email address and a printer to print out the shipping label. We do not send shipping labels via USPS mail.