155 million


155 million Americans have at least 1 of 3 key risk factors for heart disease: (1) high blood pressure; (2) high cholesterol; (3) and smoking.

84 million


84 million Americans have some form of diagnosed cardiovascular disease

78 million


78 million Americans have hypertension (high blood pressure)

The Problem

  • There's a tremendous amount of valuable, real-world, day-to-day information sitting on your iPhone.
  • It's only available on one device
  • The Apple Watch collects volumes of data each day about your health, workout sessions, and activity. Other digital health devices like blood pressure cuffs, glucose readers, and weight scales can capture additional types of digital health information.
  • So, what do you actually do with all that information?
  • Patients frequently show their doctor data from their iPhone's Health app during appointments, which are typically 15-20 minutes
  • Apart from that in-person data sharing, allowing your doctor(s) to access that information, remotely and on their own time, is not really convenient

How It Works

Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch is an amazing device. It can take multiple measurements of various heart-related data, electrocardiograms, blood oxygen, daily activity, detailed locations for workout maps, and more.

HeartCloud Sync, an app for Apple Watches running watchOS 7, is a companion app to HeartCloud Sync for iPhone (below). You sign in using your HeartCloud account. It lets you log medication use and symptoms, take on-demand, continuous, high-frequency heart rate readings, and more.

White iPhone

Your iPhone

Your iPhone, specifically its Health app, is where your Apple Watch ultimately stores its data. Other digital health devices (such as blood pressure cuffs, weight scales, thermometers, or pulse oximeters) may also store readings on your iPhone where they may be viewed in Apple's Health app.

HeartCloud Sync, an app for iPhones running iOS 14, is how you get your health, activity, and workout data (visible in Apple's Health and Activity apps) from your iPhone to your HeartCloud account.

White cloud


Between when your health, activity, or workout data are uploaded from HeartCloud Sync and when you can view it online at https://heartcloud.io, a number of things happen. Your data is made searchable, quickly and efficiently. Daily, weekly, and monthly trends are computed. Heart rate zones and heart rate recovery are processed.

White MacBook Pro
White iPad


After uploading from your iPhone to HeartCloud.io, your health, activity, and workout data are available to search, visualize, and optionally share with your doctor.

This lets you use any device with a modern web browser on any screen size you'd like. Some people use a Mac. Others use a PC. Some are laptops. Others desktops. Some people even prefer the use of a tablet only. Each of those scenarios is compatible with HeartCloud.io because you access it using a web browser.