TBD Medications

Whether it's a prescribed or over-the-counter (OTC) medication, you can add details like when you started and stopped taking it, who prescribed it (if applicable), and in what state.

TBD Doses

A dose is the amount of medication taken at one time (for example, a 30 milligram (mg) pill).

HeartCloud's apps let you define one or more doses for each medication and update these for the same medication.

TBD Dosage

A dosage regimen means the frequency at which a dose is taken (for example, 2 times a day).

HeartCloud's apps let you define one or more dosages per dose and update these as your prescription or medication needs change.

TBD Medication Logs

From any of HeartCloud's web, iPhone, or iOS apps, you can log the date, time, and timezone that you took a particular medication.

TBD Scheduled Reminders

For any medication, set a reminder to take a particular dose and dosage at a particular time, in a particular timezone. You'll receive a push notification on your Apple Watch or iPhone, and you can conveniently then log that you took the medication by tapping on the notification to confirm.

TBD Your Doctor

Your medication history can be shared with your physician, letting them see if a particular prescription is working properly.