A data-driven approach to health and fitness can be yours by taking better advantage of your digital health and fitness data with HeartCloud’s software tools.

HeartCloud’s founders both had experiences with heart disease in family members and friends when they were kids. As better and more fully featured digital health devices entered the market in recent years, they realized that there were missed opportunities as the data from these devices was not being fully utilized. They set out to build a family of digital health and fitness tools - some to help individuals take data-driven care of themselves, and others to help healthcare providers take better advantage of the data which reflect the day-to-day health measures rather than office-based metrics alone.

As the coronavirus swept the globe, they saw the possibility of using similar measures to help individuals monitor themselves and to help employers avoid shutdowns from workplace-based outbreaks. Our team of practicing physicians, software developers, and data security experts have ensured that our products are customized to address our users’ health and fitness problems.

HeartCloud’s family of tools (HeartCloud, HeartCloud for Health Practices, COVIDcloud for Individuals, and COVIDcloud for Employers) lets people unleash this wealth of health data by leveraging it with advanced analytics and visualizations.