The Apple Watch collects volumes of data each day about your health, workout sessions, and activity. Other digital health devices like blood pressure cuffs, glucose readers, and weight scales can capture additional types of health data.

So, what do I or my doctor actually do with all that information?

Apple Watch

For Individuals

Apple Watch

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Use HeartCloud Sync to securely upload a copy of your workouts, health, and activity data from the Apple Health app to your HeartCloud account.

Use HeartCloud.io (this website) from any modern web browser to view, explore, search, and find trends in your workouts, health, and activity data, all on a larger desktop, laptop, or tablet screen.

For Physicians

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Use HeartCloud for Health Practices to view a patient's HeartCloud account data seamlessly and very, very securely.

Clinical functionality is more advanced than HeartCloud and is ideal for telehealth audio/video calls and conducting remote patient monitoring (with seamless ways to assign proper CPT or HCPCS code to those services and generate invoices).