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Digital health devices: (1) Apple Watch: Two (2) Apple Watches, one running the HeartCloud Sync for Apple Watch app login view (vertically: the HeartCloud logo, e-mail and password input fields, green "Sign In" button), the other showing the Parkinsonian tremor and dyskinesia monitoring features on a view within the HeartCloud Sync for Apple Watch app; (2) Blood pressure cuffs: one Withings BPM Connect Pro and one Pylo PY-802-LTE (both 4G cellular-enabled); (3) Weight scale: one Pylo PY-300-LTE weights scale (blue with a curved white bar in its center; TBD finish."

A complete remote patient monitoring platform integratedwith both consumer and FDA-cleared 4G cellular-enabled digital health devices

Blood pressure chart with two vertical annotation markers (each representing the same Clonidine Hcl 0.1 mg prescription), with one in green (prescription initiated on indicated date: Nov 14, 2022) and red (prescription discontinued on indicated date: Nov 22, 2022)

A complete platform for remote physiologic monitoring (RPM), able to ingest and clinically make sense of not only blood pressure, body mass, glucose, Apple Watch, Oura Ring, and sleep stage data, but also to overlay prescription dates, doses, and dosages on top of physiologic data charts to help measure and optimize prescription efficacy.

Apple Watch in red area spline chart with red to more transparent red underneath each spline, bright blue bar chart of Apple Watch exercise minutes data, and vertical annotations for Adderall XR prescriptions on January 16, 2023 and January 30th, 2023

A complete platform for remote physiologic monitoring (RPM), able to ingest and clinically make sense of multiple measurements as shown here: Apple Watch heart rate data, exercise data, and controlled substance prescription dates.

Glucose line chart with different colors in shaded horizontal regions (black for glucose > 250 mg/dL, red for glucose between 180 mg/dL and 249 mg/dL, green for glucose between 70 mg/dL and 179 mg/dL, yellow for glucose between 54 mg dL and 69 mg/dL, and red for glucose below 54 mg/dL

A complete continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) platorm for clinicians integrated with Dexcom and FreeStyle Libre APIs, and including innovative capabilities such as: (1) overlaying weight, blood pressure, Apple Watch exercise time each day, and sleep metrics from Withings, Oura Ring, and Apple Watch; (2) permitting access to glucose data older than 90 days (unlike other CGM apps); and (3) one-click CPT 95251 report generation.

Notifications on two separate iPhones, one an SMS text message regarding hypertensive crisis blood pressure reading from a 4G cellular-enabled Pylo PY-802-LTE blood pressure cuff and the other an Apple Push Notification Service alert about a low blood oxygen reading sourced from an an Apple Watch

Configure practice-wide or patient-specific notifications for any physiologic reading(s) that exceed or decline below one or more clinician-defined thresholds


For Patients & Individuals


HeartCloud helps you and your doctor(s) make better use of data from your Oura Ring, Apple Watch, blood pressure cuff, weight scale, Dexcom and FreeStyle Libre glucometers, and more.

4G cellular-enabled blood pressure cuffs (one of each): Withings BPM Connect Pro and Pylo PY-802-LTE

Visualize and optionally share each blood pressure reading's data: systolic and diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, and, if present, irregular heart rhythm


See readings from one or multiple devices overlaid together on the same interactive chart.


Visualize advanced body composition and weight data trends, including total weight, and body segmentation analysis of the fat and muscle weight in each of your arms, legs, and belly. In addition, our integrations analyze water weight, bone mass, electrodermal activity, standing heart rate, and more.


Your Apple Apple Watch data into clinically useful trends over days, weeks, and months

"Works With Apple Health" official banner to the right of an Apple Watch with the HeartCloud Sync for Apple Watch app login view (vertically: the HeartCloud logo, e-mail and password input fields, green "Sign In" button)

HeartCloud Sync on Apple Watch automatically upload measurements and keeps your doctor informed of any changes in your health data


Connect your Dexcom Clarity or LibreView account to help your doctor better manage pre-diabetes or Type 1 or 2 diabetes


Connect your Oura Ring account and see your data automatically sync and visualize on HeartCloud's beautiful day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month trends charts.