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A Better, Healthier, More Informed You.

HeartCloud: What Is It?

HeartCloud is a platform of three applications: (1) HeartCloud.io (the website you're on now), (2) HeartCloud for Health Practices, (3) and an iOS app. From (1) HeartCloud.io, you can optionally share your health, workout, or daily activity data with your medical doctor on (2) HeartCloud for Health Practices.

(1) HeartCloud.io


HeartCloud.io is a cloud-based web app that visualizes, finds trends in, and makes searchable the vast amounts of health, workout, and activity data collected by your Apple Watch and 3rd party digital health hardware (like blood pressure cuffs, glucose readers, and weight scales).

(3) HeartCloud for Health Practices


HeartCloud for Health Practices is a specialized version of HeartCloud developed specifically for medical professionals. Doctors can deliver better healthcare and more cost-effective healthcare using a patient's real-world data. Using our platform's technologies are specialists in cardiology, internal medicine, geriatrics, and preoperative care.

(3) iOS App

Our iOS app securely transfers HealthKit data from your iPhone up to (1) HeartCloud.io.


It Offers Capabilities LackingIn Common Digital Health Tools

  • Compare selected sets of data (e.g., blood pressure and weight scale readings) across your choice of dates and times.

  • Search health data to discover trends, thus enabling earlier interventions.

  • Integrate data from multiple digital health hardware sources in one place, obsoleting the use of multiple apps. Data from blood pressure cuffs, weight scales, glucose readers, and spirometers (compatible with Appleā€™s HealthKit ecosystem) is uploaded along with data from the Apple Watch.

  • User age dictates how HeartCloud data is presented, as different standard ranges apply depending on age.


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A Privacy-Focused Approach

Our team is made up of medical doctors and developers with considerable experience in information security and data privacy. We favor cohesive, integrated tools that help you understand yourself better so that you can make more informed healthcare decisions.

We create software in a way that prioritizes user privacy. That means that we do not, and will not ever, advertise or sell anything based on the data you upload to HeartCloud. The idea is abhorrent to us.

How Does It Work? In 3 Steps

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Step 1: The HeartCloud Sync iOS app securely sends the data shown at the bottom of this page to HeartCloud's web API after the user logs into their HeartCloud.io account.

Step 2: The web API verifies each user's identity and processes data sent from the iPhone to the HeartCloud.io application. Sensitive data is encrypted in storage and in transit.

Step 3: The HeartCloud.io web application saves, stores, and organizes what you see upon logging into your account from a desktop, laptop, iPad, or whatever device.