Activity Insights Into Your Days Over Time



Trends Over Time

Select any month, and then see how your individual day looked like. These snapshots in time show whether you met each of your daily goals and also your step counts and move distance per day, all in one place.

Calories Active and Resting

One of the Apple Watch's strengths is that it captures active vs. total calories. HeartCloud visualizes these trends over time, letting you see a more comprehensive picture of how active you are day-by-day and month-by-month.

HeartCloud lets you see when you met your daily calorie goals and what your total vs. active calories were. Simply search for one or more dates and quickly get relevant, summarized data.


Screenshot Screenshot

Step Counts

By hour within a day or trends over time


The Apple Watch captures distance that you travel under walking/running, cycling, and swimming. HeartCloud can use these to show trends across each.