What Is HeartCloud?

Visualize, search, and find trends in your Apple Watch's health, activity, and workout data.

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How It Works

HeartCloud Sync

Who Is it For?:

HeartCloud Sync is an iPhone app, made for devices running at least iOS 13. It is made for Apple Watch owners.


HeartCloud Sync is an iPhone app. Its purpose is to securely send a copy of the health, activity, and workout data that you can see on your iPhone's health and activity apps to your account on HeartCloud.io. It also comes with useful tools to search for, summarize, and visualize your health data right on your iPhone.


Who Is it For?:

HeartCloud is a web application intended for use with Apple Watch owners who also use HeartCloud Sync. You can access it using any modern web browser like Apple Safari, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.


The Apple Watch collects volumes of potentially useful information about your health, workout performance, and daily activity; Bluetooth-connected blood pressure cuffs, glucose monitors, and weight scale can provide additional information about your health, but how can you make sense of all this information, to lead a fitter and healthier life?

The HeartCloud platform centralizes all this data in one place, and gives you visualizations and metrics that make it easier to understand and take action to improve your life.

HeartCloud's easy-to-use tools let you search, compare, visualize, and identify trends in your own data, across whatever dates and times you wish. It unleashes the information locked away in HealthKit and gives you unprecedented access to your own information.

HeartCloud For Health Practices

HeartCloud for Health Practices is a specialized version of HeartCloud for medical professionals in practices ranging from solo offices to hospital systems.