It's A Single, Secure Place for Digital Health and Workout Data:

The Apple Watch collects information each day about your health and activity. Its workout features are incredible, letting you capture location, altitude, swimming, and other fitness performance metrics. Other digital health devices like blood pressure cuffs, glucose readers, and weight scales capture additional data points.

HeartCloud Sync is an iOS app that securely copies health, activity, and workout data stored on your iPhone's Health and Activity apps. HeartCloud is a web app, accessed from a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. It visualizes, makes searchable, finds trends, and displays rich workout maps of data sent to it by (1) HeartCloud Sync. HeartCloud for Health Practices is also a web app and is designed for physicians. It allows them to see data shared by their patients from their (2) HeartCloud accounts and also comes with advanced clinical tools for remote patient monitoring and telehealth.

App 1 of 3: HeartCloud Sync Send Health, Activity, and Workout Data On Your iPhone To Your HeartCloud Account

If you wear an Apple Watch, you can open up the Health app or Activity apps on your iPhone and see vast amounts of information collected about your heart rate, workout sessions, step count, daily activity and more.

HeartCloud Sync is an iPhone app that securely sends this information to your account on HeartCloud, where you can view it in a web browser. After granting the app permission to access various types of health, workout, and activity data stored on your iPhone, you can send these to HeartCloud in two ways: (1) By selecting a single day and syncing data found within that day or (2) gather and sync information (like GPS, altitude, distance moved, laps swam) gathered during a workout session.

Padlock Data sent from the iOS app to your HeartCloud account is encrypted in transit with TLS 1.3 with SNI, an advanced form of encryption.
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App 2 of 3: HeartCloud See and Search Your Data On A Bigger Screen

HeartCloud is a web application that expands what you can do with data from your Apple Watch and digital health devices like blood pressure cuffs, glucose readers, and weight scales. Once this information has been sent from your iPhone to your HeartCloud account, our app allows you to search, graph, and drill down into a single or multiple data points.

It's also a platform for workouts recorded with Apple Watch. HeartCloud visualizes your workouts on rich, interactive maps (with 3D elements, satellite and terrain views, and more) with your route highlighted and color-coded based on specific data points like pace per mile, heart rate, or heart rate zone. It also provides a health context as well to each workout session, both during a workout (age-contextualized heart rate zones and heart rate vs. altitude) and after a workout (heart rate recovery).

App 3 of 3: HeartCloud for Health Practices Specialized Clinical Tools To View A Patient's HeartCloud Data

HeartCloud for Health Practices is web application that offers a solution to the promise of wearables: it enables physicians and other healthcare professionals to view the data from a patient's Apple Watch and compatible sensors (blood pressure, weight, and blood glucose levels) and use this information to help improve quality of care

Practices can subscribe to HeartCloud for Health Practices in order to access a myriad of useful tools, designed by and for practicing physicians, such as comparisons of your data before and after a medication change, or before and after a surgical intervention, viewing remotely-acquired six minute walk test (6MWT) data as a measure of your overall fitness level, and much more.

Why A Web App?

Apple Safari abstract browser icon Google Chrome abstract browser icon Mozilla Firefox abstract browser icon on Mac, iPad, or Windows

As a cloud-based app, HeartCloud and HeartCloud for Health Practices are accessed by a web browser. By allowing large volumes of health, fitness, and daily activity data to be seen on larger screens -- like a desktop, laptop, or an iPad -- our platform unlocks the rich potential available in displaying trends across any length of time and any relationships between different types of health data.