An iOS app packed with features for your HeartCloud Account

HeartCloud Sync an app for iPhones running iOS 13 that allows you to upload data from your iPhone to your HeartCloud account quickly and securely. It also comes with a number of useful visualization tools to see and search your data over time.

Upload To HeartCloud

HeartCloud Sync reads the data that you can see in Apple's Health and Activity apps on your iPhone and uploads it to your HeartCloud account.


HeartCloud Sync offers incredibly useful, interactive, and informative charts that visualize your health and activity data over time


See your workout's heart rate recovery, pace details, and each location's heart rate, heart rate zones, altitude, and pace with Apple and Mapbox maps.


HeartCloud Sync offers a search engine for health and activity data on your iPhone, letting you drill down into specific date and time ranges

Trends Over Time

HeartCloud Sync organizes your health and activity data around days, months, and year-to-date to show trends and statistics.


HeartCloud Sync implements advanced encryption and other data security measures to protect your sensitive data as it uploads to your HeartCloud account.